Material handling

Material handling

Improve uptime and operational safety

More and more mines and minerals processing plants are run around the clock. In these circumstances the mining operators often require material handling equipment that is reliable and needs less maintenance.


Shorter duty-cycles and larger capacities increase volume and efficiency.


Durable equiment and parts require less maintenance. Ability to process abrasive materials

Practical knowledge

More than 100 years of experience in minerals processing.

Global coverage, local presence

Engineers, service personnel and other experts around the world.

Improved mining operations uptime with efficient material handling solutions

千亿体育网站With more mines and processing plants running around the clock, mining operators require material handling equipment that is reliable and needs less maintenance. Metso's vast assortment of material handling solutions are designed to suit your specific requirements with higher capacities, fewer components and lower overall costs.

千亿体育网站With more than a century of experience, Metso’s offers a wide range of material handling equipment, parts, and optimization and maintenance services. Our solutions are designed to handle the heaviest loads with minimal maintenance leading to improved uptime.

Metso's technology and services are preferred by many mineral processing applications including gold, copper, and bauxite processing plants, as well as, other facilities that regularly handle bulk materials such as coal mines, power plants, rock quarries and cement plants.

See how other mining companies have improved profitability and reduced risk!
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