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Blog posts with digitalization in focus

We cover the topic starting from Digital Garage ideation to AI and RPA implementation and developing digital tools to our customers - don't miss out!

Robotics à la Metso
This 10 ingredient recipe for successful RPA implementation is validated by our Group Treasury. They started piloting robotics few years ago and now work daily with their robot colleagues.
Making sense of the data in minerals processing
Are autonomously optimized equipment, high asset availability and uptime, and safer and more predictable operations achievable goals? When it comes to minerals processing, the vast majority of mining companies are still early in the third wave of digitalization.
Digitalization as a matter of sustainability
At Metso, our vision is clear: We focus on providing sustainable solutions for the processing and flow of natural resources. Digitalization plays an important role in this. We see digitalization as a matter of sustainability, process reliability and safety.
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Gain critical data and insight on your fleets operational performance and maintenance needs

A new digital channel for easy ordering of Metso spare and wear parts 千亿体育网站for distributors and our direct end customers. of our eCommerce journey.

Metso Metrics 千亿体育网站

千亿体育网站Metso Metrics involves the mounting of a remote communication device on Lokotrack® crushing and screening equipment to enable easy and secured transmission of key operational and maintenance data.

Advanced process control (APC)

APC maximizes the process outputs within predefined constraints by acting as a super-operator, computing and analyzing high volume data 24/7. It frees operators from supervision tasks and naturally stabilizes the process regime close the high end, causing less downtime and higher resource efficiency (wares, energy and water).  

Metso IC™ crusher automation

Metso IC crusher automation can be easily connected to any plant automation system used in the crushing and screening industry. This enables centralized control of the crusher and the whole plant, allowing the operator to safely control and alter crusher operating parameters according to production needs from a single location.

Metso ICr™ wireless information and control system

Superior feed rate control for maximized production. Controlling your Lokotrack mobile crushing plants is now safer and more convenient than ever before. Metso ICr™ wireless information and control system let's you operate your plant from the cabin of an excavator.

Smart fully automatic control system


千亿体育网站Protect your SAG mill from costly damage for better profitability. AudioMill™ is a sound spectrum analysis tool for SAG mills used in primary grinding stages. A sensor measures the impacts of ball on shell, and by maintaining them in favorable range, it becomes part of an advanced control solution. This solution both protects the mill and maximizes impact grinding and thus, overall throughput.

Metso Maintenance Solution (MMS)

Improve equipment availability and optimize the use of resources with a cutting edge Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for maintenance planning. Designed to meet your maintenance planning needs, MMS has Metso’s extensive maintenance and mining expertise built directly into it. 

Vertical Plate Pressure Filters VPA

The Metso Vertical Plate Pressure Filters VPA are heavy duty machines, developed for filtration of metallic minerals, industrial minerals, coal and tailings. 千亿体育网站The Pressure Filter is controlled by a system consisting of a PLC connected to a PC screen, built in a well sealed and well insulated cabinet. All control logics are implemented in the PLC. On the PC monitor the filter operator can follow and control the filter operation and information such as settings, statistics and alarms.

Metso Metrics for Mining

千亿体育网站Advanced IoT solution to predict maintenance needs and optimize the process, maximize uptime and improve safety.



Valve controls and limit switches

Expertune Planttriage 千亿体育网站

Optimize plant performance with Expertune Planttriage software and services. With diagnostics from instruments, valves, and controls, these tools and services help to save effort by focusing on the biggest payback issues, and by pinpointing the root causes, whether you have smart instruments and valves or older, analog hardware. 

Neles® ValvGuard VG9000 – intelligent safety solenoid

Safe, reliable operation with diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Neles ValvGuard’s unique construction enables the diagnostics part of the device to be active all the time and not dependent on the safety part. This is a true user benefit and provides maximum availability of the diagnostics information.

Valve controls and limit switches

High availability and easy interpretation are the key success factors in effective field device data analysis. Metso is committed to supporting open and standardized technologies. We can offer the best field devices and ensure the availability and usability of diagnostics information independent of your control, safety or asset management system.

"With our Digital Program we will create solutions to industry challenges, and our experts will continue to work with our customers and distributors to fully embrace the opportunities of digitalization."
Jani Puroranta, Chief Digital Officer, Metso


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Customer Results Showroom
How can you manage the maintenance process at 25+ aggregates sites?
With over 25 sites to manage, one of India’s largest road construction companies was looking for an integrated tool to manage their inventory planning and maintenance activities. Metso’s CMMS system can be used to manage elements such as parts inventory, maintenance planning, resource allocation and reporting across multiple sites.
Customer Results Showroom
Suzano advances towards Industry 4.0 with Metso technology
Pulp and paper manufacturer Suzano's new feature in its Imperatriz Unit is the intelligent use of the automatic on-off valves, with access to advanced diagnostics and online features. The result is the failure anticipation within the plant, with focus on predictive maintenance.
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