Strategy and vision

Metso drives profitable growth and sustainable productivity to create value for its stakeholders. Our strategy is based on five fundamentals. Our vision describes the impact we want to make on the world. It’s a long-term direction that defines our business purpose and our reason to exist.


千亿体育网站Innovate new products and solutions and further develop our existing product portfolio. Digitalization reshapes the way we do business and offers us new ways to serve our customers.

Operational excellence

千亿体育网站Drive excellence in processes, quality and safety. We continuously develop our processes and ways of operating throughout the supply chain to meet our customers’s needs.

People and leadership

千亿体育网站Competent and committed people make our result-driven and respectful culture. Global workplace where teams are working closely together to generate results for our customers with world-leading solutions.

Customer centricity

千亿体育网站Know your customers and be there to serve them. Agile approach, lean organizational structure and global presence supports decision-making close to our customers. We operate together with our customers to create value-making solutions for them. We innovate and develop technologies to address future needs.

Service leadership

Presence and solutions for the whole lifecycle. We are experts in maintaining and improving the whole lifecycle of our customers’ processes. We operate close to them globally to always serve them locally.



Our vision

Metso, the best choice for sustainable processing and flow of natural resources.

Sustainable – sustainability for us means reducing energy consumption and emissions, using less raw ingredients and water and producing less and less waste while delivering the same or increased production output. Sustainability also means that we follow the highest health, safety and environmental standards and practices.

Processing and flow of natural resources – Metso’s solutions for customers千亿体育网站 convert raw natural resources into materials that are used to build the modern world.