Metso as an investment

Metso enables modern life. People, technological know-how and global presence are our most important assets to drive innovations and sustainable productivity across our customer industries. Profitable growth creates value for our stakeholders.

千亿体育网站We serve industries that face challenges like the depletion and degradation of ore grades, water and energy scarcity, dust, high-pressure flow-handling, and safe and efficient recycling processes. Mines, quarries and chemical plants supply raw materials for our daily lives and the world around us.

This is where Metso’s technology and expertise come in: our solutions cover rock and minerals processing, metal and waste recycling, and process industry flow control solutions. Helping our customers solve their global challenges gives rise to new business opportunities. We create value for all our stakeholders.

We help our customers improve their operational efficiency, reduce risks and increase profitability by using our unique knowledge, experienced people and innovative solutions to build new, sustainable ways of growing together. Our products range from mining and aggregates processing equipment and systems to industrial valves and controls.


Organizational structure

Growing profitably requires a lean and agile organization that actively seeks growth and responds to changes in the operating environment.

千亿体育网站Our organizational structure was renewed in the second half of 2017, and the change became effective on January 1, 2019. Metso has seven business areas: Mining Equipment, Aggregates Equipment, Minerals 千亿体育网站, Minerals Consumables, Recycling, Valves and Pumps, and they are externally reported under two segments: Minerals and Flow Control.

千亿体育网站The business areas are accountable for their own performance in terms of orders and sales, operating profit and cost of capital, and each contributes to the profitable growth strategy through their own initiatives.

In addition to business areas, Metso has a market-specific sales and marketing organization that integrates business area offerings and supports close collaboration with our customers.

To enable efficient customer service, we have some 80 service centers. around the world. The global operations are further supported by around 30 production sites and around 40 distribution centers globally. To a large extent, our businesses operate under an operating model with outsourced supplier and distributor networks.

The objective of the new structure is to improve strategy execution. The accountability of each business area has increased to enable faster implementation of growth and profitability initiatives and an agile response to market changes. Additionally, Metso has increased its focus on digitalization and on research and technology development to produce innovative new solutions for our customers.

The organizational changes have proven to support our strategy implementation. 2019 marked a record in our financial performance, as our sales increased in both segments and our profitability was higher than ever in the company’s history.

Our business model